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3 Ways To Use ConvertKit Tags To Make Marketing Easier (and More Effective)

One SUPER easy way to track what your audience is interested in most is with TAGS in Seva. With ConvertKit's automation features, this is super simple to set up and once it is, your marketing efforts in the future will be much more effective. 

There are a couple things to consider tagging once someone for. 

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How to Prune Your ConvertKit List, Save Money and Increase Open Rates

No matter how engaging your content is, some subscribers will always lose interest over time. That's fine. It's not about having the biggest list, but instead the most engaged list. That's why you can cheerfully prune cold subscribers from your list after they haven't engaged for a while.

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My Top 2 MOST Engaged Nurture Sequence Emails (Broken Down and Explained)

Okay guys, here it is. Big secrets.

I am telling you about my top two most interactive emails in my coaching nurture sequence.

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The Top 5 Essential AND EVERGREEN Lead Magnets

It's not a secret that growing an email list audience in addition to your other social media platforms is essential to building a business that allows you to leverage passive income. You need two things to grow that email list: a CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool like MailChimp or ConvertKit and a lead magnet for people to "opt-in" to receive.

I have a list of 30 lead magnets if you need help with ideas but lead magnets boil down to 5 basic formats. 

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How to Create a Pop-Up Using Squarespace and ConvertKit

How to create a pop lead magnet using Squarespace and ConvertKit

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Lead Magnets and List Building

More important than even growing a social media platform because, (here's a secret) you don't "own" those followers like you do the email addresses of those who opt-in to your lead magnet and end up on your email list. If you are anything like I was and are feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of list building— you may have a few really important questions about where to start, what to create for your lead magnet offer, and what to do after someone signs up. Get answers here <3

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