3 Ways To Use ConvertKit Tags To Make Marketing Easier (and More Effective)


One SUPER easy way to track what your audience is interested in most is with TAGS in ConvertKit. With ConvertKit's automation features, this is super simple to set up and once it is, your marketing efforts in the future will be much more effective. 
There are a couple things to consider tagging once someone for. 

P.S. I love ConvertKit but would you like to know what other platforms and systems I use to run my business?


1. What freebie they "opt-ed in" for

If you have three checklists on your photography website, one for maternity shoots, one for engagement shoots and one for family sessions, you can make a pretty solid assessment that they want that checklist becasue they are interested in prepping for a photo session of some sort. When you are running a special on Fall Family Mini-sessions, all you have to do is whip up and email, target everyone tagged Family Session Checklist and you are more likely to get booked more quickly. 

Also, if your opt-in automatically enrolls someone into a nurture sequence, you can prevent them from being bombarded with emails by excluding them from your general email blasts. There is such thing as too much of a good thing.

2. What they click on within the email

You can see what people are most interested in by what they click on. Also, if someone is clicking on something but not enrolling, buying or taking further action you can recognize that your funnel may be getting stopped up RIGHT THERE. If you are getting no clicks, the funnel is clogged higher up the chain. When you clearly define the problem, you are halfway to the solution. Click tags are POWERFUL things. 


3. When they make a purchase

It's never enjoyable to continue to be marketed something you aren't interested in or have already purchased.  By tagging someone as a client, student or as having purchased a product, you can exclude them from certain marketing emails and keep them around for something they may ACTUALLY be interested in.


BONUS: Cold Subscribers Tag

This hack has been one of my best kept secrets. By periodically pruning your list of cold-subscribers, you can keep your list size (AND COST) down, increase engagement and have more accurate open/conversion rates. The cool thing about ConvertKit is that unlike other email marketing tools, it doesn't recount the same subscriber who opts in for 3 things as 3 separate people on your list. ConvertKit sees one subscriber and tracks what forms and sequences they have opted-in for, keeping your costs AUTOMATICALLY lower. When you know what's working, you can make better decisions. Here's a tutorial on how to do that here.


Now you may wondering how do I even get started utilizing this stuff? It all starts with a good opt-in, my friend. 




P.S. The ConvertKit links in this blog post are affiliate links but I use and obviously love this tool. You should too!

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