My Top 2 MOST Engaged Nurture Sequence Emails (Broken Down and Explained)

My Top 2 Most Engaged Nurture Sequence Emails -

Okay guys, here it is. Big secrets.

I am telling you about my top two most interactive emails in my coaching nurture sequence. I decided to go ahead and share with you to the top two because it really was a close tie of folks hitting reply and me getting personalized emails that I could actually respond to in a very human way.

Let's jump right in.

The first email that I get the most responses on has a subject line of, "I'm all about..." , and it essentially asks, "Have you really paused to consider what following someone online really means. Why do we do it?".  

I define what I consider ideal follower-ship to look like and in this email, I list everything that I'm about. It's just a quick bullet pointed list and the thought behind it is to qualify my audience members and potential clients.

What's that?

To qualify your audience, or your ideal client you can say something that essentially communicates, "If you're all about these things too, then we're probably a great fit and you should stick around! If you're not a great fit, go ahead and click that unsubscribe button."

Why would you want 'unsubscribers'?


Well here's another not-so-secret secret of mine: I don't want to pay for unqualified people on my list, especially if when the price goes the bigger the list gets!

I'm totally okay with unsubscribes because that means I don't have unqualified people on my list. These are people who aren't really interested in learning from me or learning about what I do, or are interested in working with me to get my services.

And that's okay. I can't serve everybody in the world and I want to serve people that I have aligned values with. Values like working hard. Values like mentorship. Values like the outdoors. Values like genuine engagement in relationships, people who are going to relationally refer me because they've enjoyed working with me.

If they like the majority of the things that I've listed, I want them to hit reply and tell me what they're all about.  I may not be all about all the things that they're about but if we have a lot of things in common, we might be a great fit for each other. I even say, "Hey, believe it or not, I'll actually respond because I'm human."

So instead of receiving marketing emails that feel really cold, this is an opportunity for me to actually show up and engage with them.

Not only does it create an opportunity for a warm lead but it could result in a pure relationship. It could result in a simple referral. It could result in affiliation. It could result in a guest blog. It could result in a guest appearance on a podcast. You never know what the result of this type of email is going to result in and this is just a pure engagement.

What's also interesting about this email is that I'm not asking for high vulnerability from somebody.

I'm asking for them to share with me something that they're already trying to share and put out into the world. I'm not inviting them to share in a vulnerable way prematurely.

At the end of the email, I link to an article in my resource library and say, "Hey, here's something else that I'm also all about and instead of me just telling you that I'm allo about it, let me show you that I am." People can see if you are all about something or not based on the rest of your content so, I'm all about showing, not just telling people what I value and yet, you have to be able to articulate what it is that you're about in a soundbite way. That's what this email is for!

That is the first email that I get the most engagement with. I get all kinds of lists from people saying, "I love these things that you're about. I'm about these things too and also this thing over here." It's wonderful getting to know people in a much more personal way and I love getting these types of responses in my inbox.


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The other email that I get the most interaction with is my very last one in the nurture sequence.

Again, this one is a very short email and it is wrapping up the nurture sequence. In this email, I'm teaching people just like throughout this whole nurture sequence, what I'm about, what I like, setting expectations for what they can receive from me and what I would like to receive from them. So, because I've given a lot of value in this particular sequence, I'm asking for a little bit back. I'm saying, "Hey. Would you be willing, so that I can continue to provide excellent content for you, to take a survey for me?".

I like doing polls to learn what content to focus on for my audience. In fact, I enjoy doing Starbucks giveaways to get some engagement in my Facebook community to really incentivize people to tell me what they're about because people are busy. I get that.

So in this email I included a little "Hey, this will take two to five minutes. Here's a link to the survey and as a thank you, I want to gift you with my ideal client workbook that I normally reserve for my clients or for paying customers. So, all you have to do is fill out this survey and then hit reply on this email letting me know what you did."

That's it.

Again, I'm simply asking them to engage with me and in so doing, I am qualifying, nurturing, and building authority and authentic relationships with potential clients. 

I'm asking them to interact and asking for some give-and-take in the relationship because it can't always be give, give, give, give, give. It shouldn't always be take, take, take, take, take. It needs to be this balance of give and take. That's what healthy relationships look like.

So, by setting that standard up from the beginning in this nurture sequence where I'm saying, "This is how I operate", they're gonna be very clear and not encounter any surprises when they move into a one-to-one relationship with me. Whether that's through the coaching services or whether that's through design, they're going to have already seen that this is how I operate, because I show up as myself in the nurture sequence. I'm not going to be any different than what I am now. I show up as I am here. I show them what I'm about. So once they come to the community, they're not seeing any different.

In fact, they're seeing consistency there and that allows them to trust my expertise, trust the authority that I have and also build that relational equity that's necessary for someone to take the plunge and buy into a higher end service.

I hope that you guys find these two emails, and my break down of why I believe they're my highest engaged emails out of the whole nurture sequence.

Take these tips and apply them to your own nurture sequence. Let me know your thoughts on these insights.

I can't wait to hear and see what you guys are doing in your nurture sequences!


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