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The Quarterly Mindset Reset For Personal Brands Online
How To Plan A Styled Brand Shoot

One of the most powerful ways to build your brand is to be in your own photos! When you choose to stop being a business and become a BRAND, that is when perceived expertise shows up on your doorstep and people become curious about what makes your services different. They will stick around to see what you have to offer.

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One Question That Will Change Your Business

I have a list of questions that I run through in my daily morning practice. I sit with them for about 15 minutes each morning and really give myself to my morning practice.

One of the questions I ask myself is really important. It helps me stay productive without pushing myself into an over-caffeinated GRIND MODE that ultimately leads to burnout.

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9 Questions To Evaluate Your Progress
5 Things I Would Have Done Differently My First Full Time Year In Online Business
To Begin, Begin: My Story
3 Mindset Mistakes In My First Three Years of Business
30 Goals By 30

30 Business(ish) goals by 30

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Find Your Business Balance As An Entrepreneur

I remember when I was first inspired to be an entrepreneur. You might be able to relate.

I had just chosen my Evergreen Niche. I couldn’t turn my brain off. I had so many ideas. It was hard to narrow them all down. It was hard to decide where to start. I was still working full time, so any spare minute went to working on this new side hustle. 

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How To Overcome The Quarter Life Crisis

First of all, are you having a quarter-life crisis?

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I Made The Leap From Wordpress to Squarespace

Wordpress is home to millions of users. They claim to welcome 50,000 new sites everyday. EVERYDAY. 

Those are pretty impressive numbers. They impressed me and I built (er, tried to) build a website on the platform. I learned and researched and built and struggled and tore it down to rebuild a-fresh only to grow frustrated that the options I was looking for were always just out of reach. 

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Strengths-Based Evergreen Niches: What it is, what it isn't and Charlie Brown.

You have probably heard of niches. You know, that sweet spot where passion collides with talent. Or so you were told.  I'd like to take that idea a step further and refine it a bit but first I'd like to tell you a tale to illustrate my point. Choosing between a plain old niche vs a strengths-based evergreen one is a lot like the decision Charlie Brown was faced with in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

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My "Big Why"

In the MYX: Evergreen Niche Workbook, , I ask you to take a moment at the beginning and write out why you are choosing to take the first step towards an entrepreneurial adventure. This is because putting pen to paper makes a psychological connection in the brain that aids in memory and comprehension. Thinking on paper is important and is becoming a lost art with technology constantly at our finger tips. 

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