The Quarterly Mindset Reset For Personal Brands Online

This is a particularly heavy week for me and my business, not because of business tasks, but because of personal tasks. As it turns out, I have a life outside of my business. Maybe you can relate.

I have dentist appointments, I'm teaching in my youth group and it's going to be a really big deal. I want to prepare a very large illustration, and I'm connecting with people from my community regularly and holding space for people in the middle of my work week.

My mind was humming, my heart was even racing. I just needed to not sit down at my desk. First thing. I need to go on that walk. I need to go clear my head. I need to slow down. I need to remind myself of the truth about my situation, right?

So, I took my mindset practice on the road this morning on my walk and I realized that maybe some of us are starting to feel that way too because it's Fall - (Happy Fall y’all!) We're probably thinking about quarter four for business or the fact that the holidays are coming up and how our schedules are starting to look.

My husband said to me the other day, “You know, we need to start having those conversations with family about where we're doing the holidays.”

I said, “Yes, you are right. We need to start thinking about that and planning around those things.”

I realized that I have room to practice something that I already teach. And so, I'm basically preaching to the choir this morning.

I did what I'm inviting you to do today, and that is to do three things.

1) Consider: What is the one thing I can do to make my day easier or to make whatever tasks on my list unnecessary?

How can I simplify things right now for me personally, and maybe that looks like after we get the little ones on the bus, taking an extra five minutes to just be present and enjoy your coffee or your tea. Slow your roll. Slow your mind down a little bit.

Maybe that's the one thing you need to do to get your feedback on the ground.

This morning for me it was needing to go take that walk. That's one thing that will help me right now to calm down and remind myself that there is more than enough time in the day for me to get done everything I need to get done, and there is grace for the things that I'm not able to get done.

There's enough grace in the day for me to get done the things that need to get done.

I realized that there's room for me to step back and focus on one thing at a time, to consider what is one thing that you can do right now in your business to move it forward. I was just having a conversation with a previous client of mine about how when we take one action, it can result in such fruitful and profitable results.

He was inviting one of his coaching clients to just take one action, one action step to drive the ball down the court. This coaching client of his picked up the phone and made one call which resulted in five clients. It was a really cool reminder that if we can just do one thing at a time, maybe it's:

  • one comment

  • posting in one Facebook group

  • doing one Instagram live video

  • one phone call to somebody - a follow up

Somebody said, “I don't have time to talk right now.” Or maybe right now is not a great time. A couple of weeks later, give them a call and see how they're doing. It doesn't have to be a weird or icky thing, it doesn't even have to be led with business. It can just be a very human interaction that isn't necessarily selling.

It can just be being present and being real with the people that we want to serve and support.

What is one thing - I would love to know - what is one thing you either feel like you can do right now or today in your personal world to make things easier and or unnecessary on your task list or in your business?

What's one thing you can commit to doing today that will make everything else easier?

Or make the 10 things on your task list unnecessary for YOU to do. Maybe it looks like hiring that VA that you've been eyeballing. Hiring her and making a lot of those tasks on your list disappear for $15 an hour, $20 an hour, $30 an hour or whatever level of VA that you need.

2) Take a minute and review your Q4 four goals, and review your Q4 affirmations and declarations for your mindset.

I have mine right by my door. I have a list of mindset, beliefs, declarations and affirmations to remind me of things like, “all of your beliefs are your choice and your responsibility to choose everyday.”

So, I'm going to choose to believe that there's enough time for me to get everything done that I need to get done, and take care of myself and be a human being like in the process.

There's space and grace for that all to happen. I realize that at the beginning of every quarter is a good time to pause for around five minutes and say, “do I need to reword things or are any of these still relevant? Take them out. Is there room for me to revisit the routines and systems in my mindset practice or in my morning or nighttime routines to help facilitate my mindset practice if I haven't been consistent with it?”

Mindset reset is the invitation that I want to make to you guys today.

I created a little mindset five day challenge awhile back and it's still available.

It's called renew because I think it's really important to hold space to renew our minds and make sure that we are still aligned with our intentions and our focus to make sure that we end up where we want to be because we can drive and drive and drive and drive and end up someplace we never intended to be.

And it's just as chaotic.

It's not as profitable.

We're sitting here looking around and saying, “How did I get here?”

Because we just had our heads down and we were just running, running, running, running, running. Does that make sense?

I think that we have to remind ourselves that this is part of business. This is necessary. Taking care of our whole selves, including our mind, is going to make the tasks on our to do list either overwhelm us and our heart's gonna be racing. We're gonna be skipping lunch.

There was a season where I would skip a shower just because I thought, “I gotta go at this super hard.”

Super embarrassing, but I’m very transparent.

3. Understand that it’s okay to take a deep breath and lean back.

You aren’t failing. You aren’t missing out. You aren’t behind. You aren’t losing momentum.

Take that deep breath. Lean back. Look at what you are doing.

Maybe even step away. Go on a quick walk, do what you need to do to get your mindset back in the right space. Because when we come from a place of desperation, of scarcity, does it matter how nice our copy is? Something icky still comes through.

That's why we're not getting the clients that we know need our support.

We know that they are a great fit for us and they're not buying, they're not moving forward because we're coming from this icky mindset, desperate place of urgency, and we have permission to take a breath and lean back.

That's all I have for you guys today. I hope it encouraged you. Hopefully, someone tuned in and they needed to hear that. I knew I needed to remind myself of that today.

If you are needing support with your mindset, check out the free five day challenge. It's called renew.

I'm thinking about going back through it myself this week because things are just so intense, and it's a great time to do it because it's the beginning of quarter four.

Be sure to check that out.