30 Goals By 30

In honor of my birthday this month and the official launch of this business and site, I would like to outline 30 goals I'd like to accomplish, mostly in regards to this business with a few personal ones tossed in, by the time Iā€™m 30.

As you know, I don't date my blog posts, so for the sake of tracking goals, I created this list in June 2015 and published this post September 2015.
I plan to update this list and make notes so that if you have similar goals, you can re-create my steps to achieve your own!

It's so important to write down your goals and make them S.M.AR.T. 


I encourage you to make your own and write them down and put them somewhere you will come across them frequently. Be sure to share them with someone! Announce them on your blog. Making them public makes it more real and the accountability of people asking if you've done one yet is invaluable.



Speak at a conference for entrepreneurs
Coach ten 1:1 Clients
Host a solo webinar (Done) (December 2016)
Host a joint venture webinar (Done - 2015)
Design for 10 clients (Done June 2017)

Guest venture (Done 2018)
Create a premium e-course (Done 2018)
Write a book (Done - June 2015)
1000 people on my mailing list (Done - July 2018)
Host a Joint Venture Webinar (Done January 2017)

Make my first $1000. (Done - Nov 2016)
Open a business account. (Done - August 2015)
Re-invest the first $2500) in revenue into the business (Done November 2016)
Save at least $10,000 towards the House in Cash Goal (Done January 2017)
Generate $30,000/yr revenue with Brittney Rossie LLC (Done 2018)

Life Long Learning
Attend EntreLeadership Master Series in Chatanooga, TN
Find a business coach to mentor me (Done November 2016)
Take a course in Copy Writing (Done December 2016)
Take a higher level courses in Adobe Suite Programs-Advanced Techniques

Form a business entity (Done - July 2015)
Purchase an iMac (Done Oct 2016)
Hire a virtual assistant (Done February 2017)
Host a physical workshop/conference
Create multiple streams of income (Done January 2017)

Buy an investment property (Done June 2017)
Start a family
Buy a motorcycle
Write a screenplay or novel
Backpacking trip to Europe with my Dreamboat (my husband)


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