4 Ways You Are Confusing Clients

Confusion does not spark curiosity in a client. And that’s a problem.

You have the responsibility of pursuing your clients and clearly inviting them into your business to help achieve success in their story.

Your clients have problems they face every day. They want to know how you can make their life less complicated with the quickest path to a solution.

Clear brand messaging is how you do that.

Today, I want you to take 15 minutes to look at your facebook posts, instagram posts, blog posts whatever content you and and look at it from the perspective of someone who has no clue what you or your company is about.

Look for these 4 ways that you might be confusing your clients

1.You don’t stick to one “voice”

Imagine hanging out with a friend who is known for being oh-so-poetic, soulful and thoughtful about everything she does. “Intention” is the word that describes her. She journals every day and her mission is to radiate positivity. Got that picture? Not what if one day, she comes to you and all she does is talk about this MLM thing that she is a part of and she starts really aggressively trying to recruit you.

It would be jarring, right?

It’s the EXACT same thing with our copy. You can’t jump from sassy to soulful to swearing-sailor rebel-with-a-cause without losing people. Talk to one person in one voice. Make it a running dialogue. Turn it into an invitation to work together. BOOM.

You have a client and it wasn’t ONCE sales-y.

2. You are pointing to too many things.

Should I opt-in to your freebie or join your FB group or follow you Instagram or … It can be tempting to point to too many things at once. I get it. But take it from me and thousands of other online entrepreneurs. You can have it all, you just can have it all at once.

So tackle one offering in your business at a time. Relationships aren’t built overnight.

3. You’ve stopped inviting.

Because people haven’t take you up on offers in the past you may feel afraid they won’t in the future so you’ve stopped “pushing” your offers. You assume they know how to start working with you so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Keep inviting. Frame it differently. Bundle it differently. Say it differently. Say it to different people. Just keep inviting.

4. You are holding back.

I see you. You aren’t sharing your best information freely.

Look, I understand wanting to keep your best stuff for paying clients but I would propose an alternative strategy.

Be a giver and share your best information freely, and your client will freely take you up on your offer to work with you without you needing to pressure them once they see your skills and real-dealness on display.

Here’s the thing: as you build a relationship with your client, and you have given freely, the next time they need a solution to their problems they will think of YOU!

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