3 Ways To Make Your Content Go FURTHER this Holiday Season


If you are anything like me you are always looking for ways to make your content go further without a ton of extra effort. 

While these tips can be applied to any type of content, it will serve you best if the nature of your content is EVERGREEN. Unfamiliar with that term? It just means that instead of trendy content, it's always relevant.

Evergreen topic examples are things love, health or money. People will will NEVER stop wanting to learn about those things. 

That said, here are ways to get MORE life out of your content that you've lovingly crafted. You put way too much energy for it to be just read or viewed once. Here's how you get more eyes on it. 


1. Batching

Ever make multiple batches of cookies? Then you should have some understanding of assembly line production systems. You'll want to gather ALL the ingredients, Then mix them ALL, then do all of your scooping and baking last. It's the same with creating content in batches. Here's what that would look like:

  • Brainstorm all related topic ideas

  • Write or create all the content

  • Create all of your coordinated and branded graphics

  • Format and schedule it to go live

Now you can interlink related articles or videos that can be consumed in digestible chunks as the audience member has time but find the next steps or related topics of interest easily. (AND you won't run out of topic ideas!! Win/Win!)


2. Looping

To keep your social media outlets active and to reach the maximum number of users, you have to send some of your content over and over again. If you have social media experience, you probably know how overwhelming it can be to manage multiple accounts. That's where looping comes in.

What is looping? Looping is essentially recycling old content, bringing it to the forefront for new audience members. The concept is simple. You create a library of tested and quality posts and tweets and set up a scheduling plan and let the software do the rest. 

There are some programs that help you do this on autopilot. Here are three that I've used. ( I still personally use BoardBooster and MeetEdgar) If you are one person show, you need to invest in one of these ASAP. I recommend starting with BoardBooster. It's the cheapest and makes the most sense for bloggers using Pinterest as a visibility strategy since it is essentially a search engine.

BoardBooster - Loop Pins on Pinterest

Smarter Queue - Loop Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn Posts

MeetEdgar - Loop Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn Posts


3. Nurture Sequences

I talk about Welcome and Nurture Sequences. A lot. 

That's because they are so powerful and multi-purposed! Not only is it a great way to do market research on your own audience, it's also a great way for them to get to know you without you having to lift a finger! All you have to do is point them to some of your best content so they can see what you are all about! 

You worked hard on that blog post! Make sure new people in your audience read it. It's so easy to set up in an automation in ConvertKit or another email provider that sends an automated thank you email when they subscriber to your newsletter. Just make sure that email says something to the effect of "Hey Thanks for jumping on my newsletter list! Did you read my latest blog post on _____? Check it out!" Add the link and BAM! That blog post/video/podcast just got more exposure. And once you created it and set it in your system, you didn't have to anything else!! Pretty awesome. 

Want to learn how to set this up and automate a delivery in ConvertKit? Check out this tutorial.

I broke these concepts down in my Facebook group community The Legacy Driven Entrepreneur but you can catch the replay below where I give more examples of how to make your content stretch further by strategically planning and creating it!

Want to learn more about how to Map Your Content for maximum time leveraging as well as maximum visibility.


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