3 Places I Do Market Research On My Own Audience

3 Places I Do Market Research - BrittneyRossie.com

In preparation for October each year and planning out our holiday content I wanted to give you a free but powerful tip that will help your content be completely on point for the holiday season. 

Here it is: DO MARKET RESEARCH ON YOUR OWN AUDIENCE.  Ask them what they want, where they are getting stuck, what they would like to learn more about. It's super easy to do. I like to collect this information on 3 different ways, 2 of which I do on autopilot. 

1. Facebook Questions for Pending Facebook Group Membership

When someone requests to join my Facebook community group, there is an easily overlooked opportunity to get strategic information as you are welcoming them into your group. In fact, there couldn't be a more ideal time for you to see how you can best serve this new community member. THIS IS THE TIME TO ASK QUESTIONS!!

Make one of them about the kind of content they would like to see or what they'd like to receive from the group experience. It takes about 5 minutes to setup and will serve you for the lifetime that you host the group.

I've shared a tutorial below.

You can also utilize them to help you grow your email list as well (Check out how I do that here.)


2. Facebook Group Poll

What if you already have people in your Facebook group and missed the opportunity to ask them as they were coming in? No worries! Do a poll!

I love Facebooks feature that automatically tallies people's responses and can tell you easily what people are MOST interested in. It also doesn't hurt to incentivize or bribe your audience a bit in order to increase engagement. I've used a $5 Starbucks giftcard. You could use your ebook. Get creative. But it will help you get essential feedback you are looking for.

Here's how to set up a Facebook poll in about 5 minutes.


3. Welcome Sequences

Again the time to learn what someone is most interested in without coming off wrong is when you are welcoming them and in this case it's with your newsletter list. 

Instead of using pending member questions, I ask them questions that invite an actual response. Again, I'm not above incentivizing a response. One of my nurture sequences is a simple invitation to engage in a dialogue. The other invites them to take a brief survey in exchange for a workbook I reserve exclusively for my clients.

In fact, I've already shared about My Top 2 Most Engaged Nurture Sequence Emails  here in more detail if you are interested in how I set that up. 


You may be thinking, "But I don't have my own audience yet...".


Hakuna matata, Amiga. 


Here are some other places to do general market research…

  • Other Facebook groups similar to your own ideal audience

  • Other Facebook groups where you think your ideal client may be hanging out

  • Pinterest what questions aren’t being answered or see if could you do it better, simpler, funnier, etc...

  • Your industry preferred platforms

I will be helping you with all of this and MORE in the Map Your Content 3 week program.

I know planning out your content in advance can be overwhelming but I’ve got it ALL streamlined for you. 

In the meantime, start doing your market research NOW!! Here's my immediately actionable challenge for you. It will take 5 minutes.

Join the Legacy Driven Entrepreneur Community and do a Facebook Group poll! Get some feedback!! It's totally free. You’ve got this!

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