5 CEO Shifts For A Brand That Captivates and Converts

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Today I want to talk to you about five CEO shifts for a brand that captivates and converts.

I want to talk to you about next year and things that you're going to need to move and shift around in your business in order to really hit your goals, whether they're impact goals or they're income goals. It's really important that we shift our minds and continue to grow in the process because it's a journey. That's why I write these blogs. Let's jump right into it.

If you are wanting to generate more income and make more impact in your business, there are five shifts that you need to make in order to go from being a blogger or just being a business owner or somebody who has an online business to really stepping up and owning the level of income that you want to make. If that's $50k a year, $100k a year, or $200k a year, there are CEO shifts to be made, and they're just really pivots. If you're already doing them, keep doing them, but sometimes it's so good to be reminded of things that even though we know we're not always great about taking action to do those things.

CEO Shift #1:

CEO shift number one is commit. If you're going to try something out, you really do need to commit to doing it, and the recommended time for that is about 90 days. Anywhere between 60 and 90 days. Different research says different numbers, but really giving it a solid 90 days, especially in the online space so that you can get seen, to get known, so people can get to like you, and to know and trust you. That is going to really benefit you, even if you don't end up getting the results that you would like to have gotten.

Nothing is going to hurt your authority more than constantly shifting and pivoting and saying, "I'm this," or, "I'm that. I'm wearing this hat. I'm wearing that hat."

I should know. I did that a lot in my first year of business. I think I made three different websites. So, don't keep shifting. Stick with something for 90 days, and if it doesn't work, that's not a loss, that's not a failure. That is a lesson learned, and you can run forward and say, "I know this doesn't work. I don't need to spend any more time on that."

CEO shift #2:

It is so easy for us to over complicate things.

Keep it simple.

You need simple in your life and your clients need simple in their lives. They're looking for easy and simple solutions. They're looking for things that are accessible and immediately actionable in their lives so that they can get results, even if those results are a couple weeks, three months, or a year down the road.


Being consistent with your commitment, being consistent with keeping things simple is going to be absolutely key.

There are so many little hacks for staying consistent.

I talk about a ton of them in my Map Your Content course, but some of those things are simply looking at your schedule and setting a pace that you know you can stick with. I have clients who only blog once a month, but man, they market the crap out of that one blog post and they get a ton of engagement on it and it really builds their know, like, and trust factor, and it's a beautiful thing that they're doing so that when they're able to move to two blogs a month, man, that's going to be powerful and it's grown their list like bonkers by just writing one post a month and getting as visible with it as possible.

When speaking with one of my clients on her blog posts she said, "I can only write one a month. I've got three kids. They're crazy. I home-school. But I've got this thing on my heart and I want to make it happen." So you know what? Her people can expect to hear from her once a month and then to engage with her on social media. And that's all she can do in this season, but that's a lot, and she's consistent.

One of the ways to stay consistent is by batching your content.

That's another thing that I go into detail about in Map Your Content, but we're not maximizing productivity for the sake of doing more, doing more, doing more. We're doing it so that we can be consistent in our look, in our sound, in our messaging, in our visuals, in our identity, in everything so that people come to know, like and trust our services.

CEO Shift #4:

Slow down and listen in.

Man, I have really strong feels about hustling. I'm all about working hard, and I don't think that there's anything wrong with hustling…

except that it's not helping you.

Hustling sets you up to miss details, to do things that maybe are not totally in your zone of genius or your areas of strength, and that is going to end up hurting you in the long run more than helping you.

By slowing down, noticing the details, listening to your gut or listening to your intuition, whatever you want to call that.

What is my gut telling me?

This doesn't feel good right now. Why?

That is going to be the thing that helps you, one, not waste your time, and not live a lifestyle where you're hairy-scary all the time pulling your hair out, and not taking care of yourself, not exercising, you're not eating well, and you're not drinking water. That’s a recipe for disaster.

CEO Shift #5:

The last thing for a CEO shift is building a key community around you. That's number five.

Number one was commit for 90 days, at least.

Number two was keep things simple.

Number three was be consistent.

(There's all kinds of little things that you can do to help you get be consistent, such as getting support. It is okay for you to get support around being consistent, whether that's a VA, or OBM, or a coach. Having something that helps hold you accountable, a social media scheduler. There are all these little things that can support you to be consistent. You don't have to do it on your own because it is hard. It's hard to be consistent in the beginning, especially if you're not sure which direction you really want to throw everything in on.)

Number four was slowing down, listening in.

That's what a CEO would do. And then building key community around you.

As I've been in this for three years now, I was feeling so much pride in my first year by doing things all by myself, doing all of my graphics, all of my website, all of my copywriting, all of my sales stuff, all of my webinars. It was ridiculous. Building my courses, doing all the things, and I made very little progress.

I mean I made progress. I sold things. I learned a ton. But man, I thought I could do it by myself, and then I discovered joint ventures. Then I discovered masterminds. Then I discovered Facebook groups. I was like, "Oh my gosh. These women are going so far and so fast because they're, one, willing to get a little bit vulnerable with where they're at, and two, they're amazing people who are really willing to help you go further."

That's the beauty of Facebook groups. That's the beauty of a mastermind. There are Instagram pods, Pinterest tribes. Whatever it is, whatever your season is, look for community and good community, not just any community. Make sure it's the right people.

And you know what? You have permission to say, "Hey, you're an amazing person, I love what you're doing, but I don't know that this is the right fit for this season. I'd love to maybe work with you down the road, but I know right now I really need to focus on this thing," and that's okay.

You have permission to say that to people in your community with all the love in your heart, and if they're supportive of you and your business and you're supportive of them, it's going to be a good thing. You don't have to worry or fear hurting someone's feelings.

Surround yourself with the right people and you will go far!


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