If you missed my recent workshop on Owning Your Worth, Owning Your Price, you can get the training and materials here along with the workbook and worksheets that we used.

It is such a small but POWERFUL investment in your knowledge and business. 


The webinar workshop video is an hour long.

In this webinar workshop, you will learn: 

  • How pricing is both a mindset and skill set issue

  • How you can quantify your worth as it relates to your product or service

  • How to use freelance platforms such as Upwork to kickstart your freelancing career

  • Price yourself accordingly using my easy equation

  • Start landing gigs on Upwork in spite of the competition with tailored advice on how to craft your Upwork profile and proposals to attract clients in your target market

  • What to say when someone tries to talk down your price

And it's just $47. 



The goal of this webinar workshop on price setting is to help you quantify your worth so you can set your prices accordingly, communicate why your prices are what they are and land clients that are good fit for you and your business.


This is for you if:

  • You are wanting to get started in freelancing either design work, beta-reading, copy-editing, event-coordination, or other online work but aren’t sure how much you should charge

  • You are freelancing but are struggling to raise your prices

  • You want tips on how to attract better, higher paying clients with a better Upwork profile

  • You want to know more strategies for pricing yourself on Upwork


This was a POWERFUL and immediately actionable workshop. But don't take my word for it!


When you purchase this workshop bundle, you'll get the teaching, the easy equation worksheet, the worksheet demo, Upwork tips and tricks as well as scripts you can use to own your worth when clients are struggling to pay your prices that keeps the door open for future work.