The Legacy Ladies



This four-month group program is uniting women ready to launch their businesses and legacies so they can achieve time and financial freedom and start exploring all this life has to offer.

This program supports you in building your dream business from top to bottom. From creating your stand out brand complete with one of a kind messaging to hitting your income goals, the support you need is right here!

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Own Your Story

I'll help you move through your fear of failure so that you can show up 100% as a business owner who rocks her shit on the regular and no longer has a feeling of overwhelm around getting her story into the lives of those that need it most

  • Uncover your personal story so you can build a signature brand and business that allows you to stand out in a saturated market.

  • Learn exactly what fears have been keeping you stuck for years and develop techniques that work for you to address your fears and no longer fall victim to the same cycle.

  • Silence your inner critic and boost your self-confidence so you can put your business and message out into the world and attract your dream clients.


I'll help you create a brand that is a true reflection of your story and purpose so that you can stand out in a crowded online world and attract clients who are willing and eager to invest.

  • Nail down your niche so your messaging is communicated more clearly and your ideal client feels as though you are talking directly to them, addressing their fears and limitations and help them get results.

  • Become crystal clear on exactly who your ideal client is and what limitations they are currently facing, so you can develop offerings that meet their exact needs.

  • Build a website that is on brand for your business, speaks directly to your ideal client and is easy to maintain and update, so people can effortlessly find you online and you can spend less time on logistics.


I'll help you develop one of a kind messaging and learn how to speak clearly to your ideal client so that you can consistently sign high-priced clients and double or even triple your 9 to 5 income.

  • Understand how to share your story and message with the world in an authentic way, by utilizing the power of social media.

  • Create streamlined content with such ease that you are able to gain visibility not only on social media, but through email marketing, trainings and free offers so you can make more money with less stress.

  • Get regularly featured as a guest expert on podcasts, blogs, live events and summits so you can spread your message faster and build your raving fans.


I'll help you to build a community of ideal clients so you can fill up your programs with such ease and effortlessly launch new automated courses to people eager to invest.

  • Create an irresistable, automated free offer that attracts your ideal client so you can focus on relationship building and not hunting down your next client.

  • Understand how best to convert your community into paying clients so you are no longer in constant desperation mode, but rather completely in sync with your community and their needs.

  • Reach a greater number of people and build your community through Facebook Advertisement and organic marketing to make the greatest impact in the fastest amount of time.


I'll help you to understand the tech-y stuff that comes with running a business so that you can spend less time researching and more time making money and remove the feeling of overwhelm when it comes to sustaining your business.

  • Create balance in your life and business to better manage your time so you can build your empire without neglecting your family and self-care along the way.

  • Learn how to break down your goals into smaller, tangible tasks so you are more in control of your time and constantly increasing momentum to get more shit done.

  • Automate your business and streamline your approach so you can experience more location freedom and the flexibility to cut your work day in half.