Renew Your Mindset Series : Episode 1

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Show Notes:

In this series we will be talking primarily about money mindset mastery but I will also be discussing other aspects of mindset because you are more than a money machine. We are addressing mindset holistically with focus on money because it’s all connected.

And we aren’t just focusing on the mind either, there will be some physical and emotional work here as well.


Because most of you here, are working towards 5K months building a personal brand online. And because it’s personal, we include our stories and our emotions.

We are emotional, sometimes irrational creatures whose hearts over-rule our heads and when we take action SHIFTS emotion. Now I’m not talking pushups or anything but I am talking about standing up and verbally speaking out the things that will literally create new pathways in our brains.

Here’s why we do that:

You will never attract clients and hit 5k months when you are constantly filled with doubt, lack confidence, feel like you don’t have what it takes, are constantly changing your mind or allow your emotions to drive you and wear you out.  

In short, If you don’t have the mental resilience for being an entrepreneur, you can kiss 5k months goodbye

When we don’t trust ourselves, and confident about what we have to offer others or our identity is too wrapped in our results, then we start looking to others for the answer and that dear ones leads to SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME

And nothing kills your know, like, trust factors like constantly changing brand, changing your industry and changing your message thanks to SOS.

Here is the truth. You have what it takes and what you have in you right now is enough to start you down the road to consistent 5k months.

It’s not about perfection. It’s about direction. And you can take that to the bank.

Action creates mastery levels in whatever we are doing.

You may think of the old adage, Practice makes perfect - Wrong. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Important to examine our beliefs and our emotions around them and our motivations to change them as we prepare to do this mindset work. If you aren’t getting the results you want, something needs to change and it needs to change NOW <3

When you are clear on your beliefs, what you can offer, what you are capable of, Creating 5K month becomes MUCH easier.

We will get into beliefs more on day 3, but today, I want you to do just 2 things: And if you know the answer I want you to drop it in the comments because one, putting it into the light is the first step to dealing with our blocks and obstacles and two, someone else who isn’t as ready to hit 5K months needs to see someone else at their level getting serious about this to inspire them to take action:

Small steps. Small actions add up. So start with me here:

1. Examine what you believe about making money

Is it hard?

Is it scarce?

Is it hard to come by?

Is it hard to be seen or heard in such a noisy world of advertising?

Do you feel in the dark about how to make more of it or have it work for you?

2. Write down why it is so important for you to master your money mindset and focus with a mindset practice for the next 90 days. What’s at stake?


Medical bills

Stay home with littles

Retire your husband



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