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Nailing your niche Down is Hard


Now that you've started to take this idea of running your business seriously, you've realized that in a profound way. You are asking yourself things like,


'What do I have to offer in an online world of wash-rinse-repeat information?'

'How is my offering unique when my product is not?'

'How do I choose JUST ONE THING, when I don't want to be defined by just one thing?'




I hear ya.

There is a lot of information out there about choosing a niche. Unfortunately, it is either vague or just flat out wrong. 

But you can't afford to listen to half-truths when it comes to such a foundational part of your business. 

But spending time thinking over a niche is something easy for most people to skip over. They know what they want to do in their head at the beginning and so they skip right to the fun part of business: branding themselves and making money. They never take the time to write out what is they want to do and why, and figure out if it is actually a viable option. They don't know to run their idea through filters or how to do market research. They just think, 'I'm passionate about writing and crafts. LET'S DO THIS.'



But then they find the competition is a WHOLE LOT TOUGHER than they initially imagined and they have to fall back and regroup to figure out a strategy to combat not only the competition but their insecurities as well. 


Is that you? 
'Cause that was me.


I know I'm not alone in my experience. The more time I spend online, the more I see folks who think they know what their niche is only to discover it wasn't a good fit. Then they have to re-brand, re-launch and re-start, losing a lot of momentum along the way. 

That doesn't have to be you. 

I created a FREE 5 Day email course with a corresponding e-workbook that will walk you through step-by-step, the process of choosing, not just an evergreen niche, but a strengths-based evergreen niche. It's like I'm a personal coach that shows up in your inbox to tell you what to do, when and why so that you don't get overwhelmed.


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Mark Your X E-Workbook

As it turns out, there's more to think about when choosing a niche than most people realize. If you don't choose it well, it affects EVERY aspect of your business. Perhaps you've realized this. Your know your niche isn't working well and you are wondering why. 

Or maybe you chose a niche but you are like I was in the beginning, getting stars in your eyes about other niches, forgetting why you chose yours in the first place and getting lost because you aren't focused in your business. 

If so, this course is for you.

It's for anyone, actually, who has an online business or blog. It's for anyone who is trying to figure out all the pieces for getting set up online to run multiple income streams through their business but has realized they need a solid, unwavering foundation to put those pieces on. It's geared towards new entrepreneurs but I gotta tell you, there's stuff in here that you may not have even thought about although you've been online for a while. 

When you are getting started in business, there's so much to think about. Don't you just wish you had someone to help you think through all the options? I know I did. 


However, I couldn't afford a personal coach when I was starting out. 
I'm assuming you couldn't either.

Looking back, I realized that's what I would have wanted. For someone to guide me, to gather all the essential information in one place so I wouldn't have to scour the interwebs for a million 'freebies' to help me piece it all together. (Let's be honest, I know you do it, too.)

Well, that's what I do for you, virtually of course. Throughout the five days in your inbox, I walk you through the following aspects in the course and workbook:

  • How you can know what your strengths are

  • How to validate your strengths

  • How to choose a combination of your strengths and interests for a niche that is uniquely yours.

  • How to use filter questions to make sure your unique niche is evergreen.

  • How to choose a business model that will be the best fit for your niche to make it profitable.


I then show you how to combine all these elements and find your sweet spot. The place where all these things intersect is where you will place your X on the map. The X is your strengths-based evergreen niche in the market. You will "Mark Your X". Get it? So clever.

Now on your road map to success, you'll know what you are driving toward in your business, and where you are staking a claim in the online world. This is huge! Especially, if you've already been hesitant about your niche and floundering in your decision. 

There's no reason to experience weeks or even months of indecision and regret. You can know, without a doubt, if you have chosen a good niche or not--and WHY--after taking this little 5 day course.

Why would you even consider neglecting such a foundational aspect of your business? 

Get in there and get started!


By the way, Iā€™m Brittney.

I'll be your guide for this entrepreneurial-expedition, well, this one is more like a day hike). If you have never been out in the wilderness of startups, it can be a relief to know someone who has gone before you and marked the trail.

My goal is to get you outfitted for trailblazing your own path toward financial freedom by empowering you with the business gear and skills you need that will carry you to wherever your X on the map is.


What do you have to lose?


  • Wait, there are none.


  • More clarity on your niche.

  • Empowerment to combat comparision and 'stay in your own lane'.

  • Genuine confidence and tangible evidence that allows you to own your value

  • A better niche suited to your strengths. 

  • A better foundation for your Business Basecamp (where you will have a much easier time with branding, building your site, and strategically forming your business.)

  • A direction in which to drive your business. 

  • The ability to filter what is a good fit for your business and what isn't down the road.


Need I go on?

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