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Automate Your Content Upgrade Delivery With ConvertKit

For those of you new to online entrepreneurship, you may have heard of a content upgrade but you may not know what it really is and how powerful it can be if you are intentional about it.

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Your Content Calendar Just Ain't Cutting It. Here’s 4 Reasons Why.

Let’s just get right to it. Your content calendar isn’t working for you. It’s just...not. More than likely, one of these four reasons is the culprit.

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My Google Drive Content System and A Hidden Spreadsheet Trick

I love Google Drive for my content calendar system.

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How To Optimize Your Content System For a Virtual Assistant

The next obstacle once you have the content created and organized on a calendar is implementing and you have three options: using a software tool, using a VA or using a VA who uses the software tool.

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How To Create A Custom Email on Bluehost with A Squarespace Site

Squarespace makes it SUPER easy to setup a domain based ( email for your business.  They work with G Suite (Formerly GoogleApps For Business) to make this process really painless.

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Domain Hosting 101 - The Website Setup Process Simplified

If you were anything like me at the beginning of my online journey, you had a steep learning curve. 

Not only are you teaching yourself marketing, and design and content management but you are learning new terms in all of those fields in order to be able to function and navigate your business.

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How to Create a Custom Email for your Online Business with Gmail

In my post, 5 Things You SHOULD Spend Money On In Your Online Business To Look Professional & Legit, I talked about the importance of a custom email address. 

When working online, it’s important to set yourself apart as legitimate and professional.  As an online business, if you are selling anything you need to be seen a legitimate, even if your brand is sassy, fun and vibrant. 

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