Your Content Calendar Just Ain't Cutting It. Here’s Why.

Content Calendar

Let’s just get right to it. Your content calendar isn’t working for you. It’s just...not. More than likely, one of these four reasons is the culprit.

Reason #1: You are only thinking in terms of blog posts.

Blog posts are great but if that’s the only thing that comes to mind when someone says “content” then, friend, we need to chat. Blog posts are not the only form of content you’re creating for your brand and business! Content creation also applies to newsletters, content upgrades, opt-ins, downloadables, webinars, Facebook posts, Youtube videos and even blab broadcasts. By creating a system that includes everything you’re creating, you can get an eagle eye view of your work and be sure that your efforts are not only consistently visible but consistent in your in your messaging as well.


Reason #2: You created a content calendar. And that’s it.

I’ll be the first in line to say that it is WAY easier to create a plan and put it on a calendar only to walk away and never think twice about it.

One way to get around this is to make it a part of your daily routine of coffee-lists-review calendar/goals morning mindset. You’ve already taken the biggest chunk of time to brainstorm and aligned your content to your impact goals. All that’s required now is to stay on task.

Another hurdle here is not having the calendar on the device you are currently working from. My content calendar system is in Google Drive so I have access to it wherever I go. But because I have to still write things physically just to process sometimes, I also carry my paper planner.


Reason #3: You put so much pressure on yourself to stick to the schedule that you stress yourself out bad enough that you just throw in the towel and call it a “self-care” day.

Be honest. We’ve all done it. Believe it or not, you are not chiseling your decisions for content creation and delivery into stone. It’s an organization tool, not a binding contract. If your business evolves, the content doesn’t excite you or you get too stressed because life requires your attention, ADJUST THE SCHEDULE.

I give you permission. And I won’t tell.


Reason #4 You have no support around implementation

Knowledge doesn’t equal empowerment. It’s one thing to know something. It’s another to understand how to apply that knowledge to your business or blog.

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a VA to help light a fire under your tail to get you moving and organized. Other times you feel like you are wasting your money and their time because you are waffling and they are unclear about what to implement and where.

Most likely, you are doing it ALL on your own from beginning to end. That’s ok. But you have to be organized, have some editing and scheduling tools and a maybe a trick up your sleeve or two.

Also, RedBull gives you hyper-productivity wings. Or so they say.

But that’s why I’ve decided to walk you through my content creation process that lends itself to autopilot strategies from start to scheduler, from ideation to implementation.  I’m providing you with a master spreadsheet, video tutorials, checklists, ideation prompts, and calendars to answer your questions surrounding content creation in my MAP YOUR CONTENT COURSE which is now a self-paced course!