Why (& How) You Should Remove Dates From Your Squarespace Blog

Forever young, I want to be forever young. Do you really want to live forev-

Oh. Ahem. 

You know how I love to talk about evergreen content, ahem MYX: How To Find Your Strengths-Based EVERGREEN Niche around here. Well, one way to make your blog posts evergreen and get more life out of them is by removing that pesky little date at the top of your post.

Quality content should be timeless and tutorials can be updated if necessary, depending on your business and niche.

When you have new readers coming to your blog, they don’t need to know you crafted this lovely piece of work 6-8 months ago. In fact, if they see a date, they are likely to think the blog is outdated and that, friends, is going to cost you traffic and repeat visitors and therefore, cost you potential profit. When your blog posts are dated, you can't really re-use the material no matter how good it is. You'll just be creating more work for yourself and re-inventing the wheel and that is silly.

Now that you know why it's a great idea I'm going to show how to fix it on your blog. Are you ready to learn how to do this in Squarespace? Great!

Here's how you remove blog dates in Squarespace:

First off, you should know that the Five template allows you to hide your post date directly from the Style Editor. (Win!) On other templates, you can use the Summary Block.

You can use Summary Blocks on any template to pull information from your Blog Page and format your posts without displaying the date. By putting your Summary Block on a separate page, you can use this as an alternative landing page for your blog content.

First add a new page to your navigation. Add a Summary Block in your preferred display (Wall, Carousel, List, or Grid) to that page's content. To use this new page as a replacement for your main Blog Page, move your Blog Page to the Not Linked section to hide it from the main navigation


In the Content tab, choose the Blog you’d like to display.

Choose how you want the posts to appear in the Layout tab.

In the Display tab, set your Metadata to any option except Date Posted. 


Lastly, you could add a custom CSS. 
From the Home page, select Design> Custom CSS

Add this to your Custom CSS:

time {display: none;}
entry-date {display: none;}

I personally use:

time {display: none;} and it works great for me. 

Have you had success with this? Have you found other ways to remove a blog date on Squarespace? Do you prefer to keep your blog posts dated? Why or why not?

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