How To Write A Strengths-Based About Page

Here’s fun fact about me. I’m obsessed with personality profile assessment tools.

Carl Jung

Those are just a handful of the more popular organizational assessment tools that startups and companies use to place people where they would best fit the vision and mission of the company. 

As a blogger or online business owner, you are, in essence, the CEO of your small (perhaps one person) company, no matter what your legal status is - sole-proprietor, LLC, or S-Corp. 

What matters is how you function within your business.


The whole reason for becoming an entrepreneur is to, in some capacity, be purposed and profitable. But you can’t do that if you don’t know who you are, what you are really offering and what your role is. 

Of course, at the beginning of a sole-proprietorship you wear ALL THE HATS. Designer, web-developer, copy-writer, human resources, payroll, tax accountant, marketer, model, virtual assistant, IT, content creator, coach, social media manager, etc. 

But what if your strengths aren’t in finances or writing witty copy for your social media blurbs?

You outsource that ASAP. It’s lesson one of running your own gig, whether it’s full time or a side-hustle. Why? Because by paying a little for someone to do what they are great at, you can make up what you are paying them by making mega-headway at what YOU are good at and you get to the end goal (profitable purpose) twice as fast.

It’s not rocket surgery.


But so many people end up floundering and quitting the online blogging business because they don’t do this. Why? Because they either don’t know that they should or they aren’t confident about what to delegate. (I should clarify that at this point in the game, we are just talking about a confidence issue, not a competence issue but that’s part of it, too.)
It boils down to identity and self-awareness. Folks don’t know if people will listen to what they have to say or pay for the service that they are providing. 

So how do you get know?

You can make some serious headway by taking my free course MARK YOUR X- which walks you through 5 days so that you can know that you know that you know what your are good at or you could keep reading a bit further before signing up.


For me the first step was to take some personality assessments to help me find descriptive words and terminology to help me understand how I’m wired and what my strengths are. 
(What’s also cool is many of these tools will tell you what kinds of people you work best with, who will complement your strengths and which ones you will bristle against. Great for if you are thinking about taking on a virtual assistant or hiring someone down the road.)

The next thing you can do is talk to your family and friends. What is it that they always turn to you to help them with? Ask them what they see as your strengths and just focus on your strengths. See if these line up with what the assessments say. For me, it was spot on, an affirmation of who I am, what I can do and what I’m all about.

In Mark Your X, I walk you through the exact process I took to become confident in my skills and strengths which has taught me to ultimately own my value. 


You guys, this is super important to know because if you don’t own your strengths and skills, no one else will. They won’t listen to what you say, they won’t buy your product and they won’t pay for your service. These assessments help you gain credibility because they help you understand how and why you are qualified to do something. Again, we are just talking about a confidence issue, not a competence. That’s a totally different ball game.

You need to write a strengths-based about page. Now you don’t have to say My Name is… My type is...My strength is…

No, no, no. Work it into the rest of your purpose and offerings on your site as it relates to your business. Explain how YOU will give value to your audience and clients. It should be clear as a result of strengths and skills that they SHOULD be listening to you. This helps you attract the RIGHT audience. Of course, add your social proof, site purpose and add something relatable to attract the right audience to make people go “Oh me, too!!”. And try to work in a Call To Action that they will be convinced to opt-in for as a result of knowing more about what you can do for them. 

Because the reality is that people are on your about page to see if you are qualified to do something for them. 

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Finally, I’d like to balance this resource out though by saying these assessments aren’t how we find our value as people. Our ultimate value is NOT based on what we can offer people or what they can offer us. Human beings have inherent value. You have worth.

But sometimes we need help owning it, reminding ourselves of it or others may need help recognizing it. I hope this tool not only helps you see yourself in a more positive light, but also helps you recognize and affirm the gifts, strengths and value in others.

Because I’m a nerd about these tools, if you know your Myers-Briggs 4 letter personality type or your top 5 Strengths according to StrengthsFinders 2.0, share it in the denoted Facebook Group thread or tweet it at me @brittneyrossie and we can geek out over it together.

(INTJs unite!)

(Read more about my personality type)

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